Semantics of Poverty

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By Andie Berryman

We see stories of poverty in the press all the time: the idle, stupid people living in poverty that is their entire fault because they are unemployed or are working zero hour contracts on the national minimum wage. We don’t often read the semantics of the situation; we are only informed that getting a better job/a job is the only way out of poverty. The tricky thing is poverty isn’t just about money, it affects physical and mental health and by that I mean the mental exhaustion of solving problems leads to ill health. Lord Freud stated that the poor should take more risks because they have less to lose. The truth is that living in poverty requires taking a series of calculated risks nearly every day and in fact people living in poverty have just as much to lose as anyone else. I’d like to shed some light on…

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Top Tory Bernard Ingham calls relatives of Hillsborough victims ‘contemptible’

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(not satire -it’s the Tories)

If I had my way, former chief press secretary to Margaret Thatcher ‘Sir’ Bernard Ingham would be stripped of his title.

After all the title ‘sir’ is supposed to represent honour and respect and there’s nothing honourable or respectful about the way Ingham has over many years consistently abused the people who lost loved ones in such a tragic way in the Hillsborough disaster.

Ingham sent a letter in 1996 to a Liverpool fan whose friend had died in the disaster in which he told grieving relatives that they should “shut up” about Hillsborough:

Hillsborough disaster ‘Shut up about Hillsborough’: Sir Bernard Ingham not sorry for blaming Liverpool ‘mob’ for deaths of the 96

And now yet another disgraceful letter sent by Ingham to a Liverpool fan regarding Hillsborough has come to light.

This letter was revealed by Scott Twigg – and was addressed to his stepfather’s…

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Why I Stopped Identifying With White Feminism

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(Inspired by @SamAmbreen’s post here: We will not let white feminism divide and conquer us )

Today I’ve been talking with @HadleyFreeman about a series of posts she made to @JudeinLondon earlier in the day. Short story: Freeman wrote a problematic article, Jude discussed it on Twitter without linking to Freeman, someone emailed Freeman about Jude’s response and Freeman demanded, repeatedly, that Jude take the discussion offline. In my opinion, she abused her platform and privilege. She called Jude’s preemptive blocking of her account “childish” when it was an act of self care. Eventually, she used the same tone policing on me and I believe she has blocked my account, although I fully admit to blocking her and not checking back. Maybe later. It was yet another example of why I don’t belong in White feminism and why many other white feminists feel the same way. Today, @SamAmbreen asked for…

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Daenerys Targaryen is back to “save the coloureds” Tour de #GameofThrones 2014

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CONTENT NOTE: Some of the embedded links in this piece are NSFW .

 by Shane Thomas 

While not placing it in the pantheon of truly great television, I’ve been a fan of Game of Thrones since the show debuted in 2011. I normally like my drama pessimistic, with a hard edge, and even downright cruel on occasion. I like even more that a show in the fantasy realm cares as much about its tonal execution, as it does costumes and wacky names.

And yet, I’ve never been able to relax in the presence of the programme, never allowed myself to be fully swept up in the world of Westeros. The reason why? This is best encapsulated by the conclusion of Season 3 – which Sky were so helpful toremind usof during their promotion for the upcoming Season 4.

Final Scene in Season 3 of Game of Thrones Final Scene in Season 3 of Game of…

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Join the physical or online blockade of the Salvation Army!

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jesus-workfare-salvation From Boycott Workfare

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty will be holding another of their regular and extremely successful blockades of the Salvation Army on Saturday morning from 11am onwards.

Join in with an online blockade of the Salvation Army’s social media and let them know what you think of their prolific and unashamed use of forced unpaid labour.

Make your feelings known and you may even get to join the prestigious ‘Banned by the Salvation Army over workfare related comments’ facebook group.

Although the Salvation Army are steering clear of the government’s latest workfare programme, the 6 month long Community Work Placements, they are still major users of workfare, taking part in Mandatory Work Activity and the Work Programme. The Salvation Army have expressed their support for workfare for sick and disabled people using the disturbing phrase “emancipation through employment”. Their enthusiastic support of workfare has won them praise from…

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Is Porn Just a Pawn?

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Oh porn, the bane of feminist existence, the ultimate conundrum. Is it the liberation of female sexuality or the systematic rape of women? It seems as if the opposing sides were far from settling on an agreement last weekend as a group of self-claimed feminists from Stop Porn Culture held a conference in London to organise together in their fight against the porn industry. The conference was, in turn, picketed by The English Collective of Prostitutes, also a group of self-claimed feminists, campaigning in defence of pornography. Both groups claimed to be protecting the rights of women.


Photo credit: The Independent

You may be wondering, fellow feminist, “where does that leave me?” I certainly am. As a freshly graduated 20-something, I am still trying to negotiate my way around what constitutes as feminist and empowering and what constitutes as misogynistic and degrading, all the while trying to mediate my…

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Is your NHS boss a tax avoider? You’ll soon find out

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NHS bosses: subject to tax avoidance inquiry

NHS bosses: subject to tax avoidance inquiry

The tax avoidance scandal that shook up Whitehall is soon to spread to the NHS. As reported earlier following the exposure of Ed Lester, the former head of the Students Loan Company, for channelling his salary through a personal service company to avoid paying national insurance and tax at source. The practicewas still going on in Whitehall two years after the event and 125 civil servants who quit have been reported to Revenue and Customs.

Now the NHS is to face the same scrutiny. Reports in Exaro News and Tribune last week highlighted the issue – with the findings now likely to be sooner rather than later.

An inquiry has been ordered by Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, after Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury requested it.

Some two years ago a lesser inquiry – just into board members of NHS bodies…

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